Terms and Conditions for Prop Firm


Dear clients,

Our Prop Firm EA has been designed to trade the maximum amount of pairs with the lowest drawdowns while meeting all of the funding firm requirements.

We did not design this EA solely for the purpose of the funding firm challenges but as an EA to also apply to your personal accounts. 

With that being said we hope you understand that is EA is not limited to only being used on prop firm challenges but it is an EA built to help you trade as all our other EA's.

The EA is designed to pass the challenges and it will make 5-10% profit.

How ever you partake in any of these challenges completely at your own due diligence and risk.

There is no guarantee on your overall success as that rests on you as we cant predict future market and results are based on past performances. If cases like below happends from the funding firms: 

  • Suspended
  • Violate any terms of the challenges,
  • Have any connectivity issues
  • Connecting from sanctioned countries
  • Payment method issues

Or any other issue that may arise out of your side from not following the right rules and regulations as well as our advice.

By using this EA you agree and accept the following conditions that are set by Myeaacademy;

This EA is not a standard EA, it was made for the purpose challenges set out by firms like FTMO.
When you partake in this challenge, you do so at your own risk and expertise, the tool is only as good as the user.

You MUST follow all the rules listed on your preferred challenge website and avoid by their regulations.

You are also responsible for any issues that may arise when using this EA, make sure you meet the requirements.
If you change any setting of the EA, you are 100% responsible for the good and bad outcomes that may come from the funding firms.

The user is also liable for any disconnects, hardware issues or general issues with their computers performance.

In the event that FTMO or other firms decides to change their rules, Myeaacademy is not responsible for this change and cannot reverse it.

If any issues arise because of the rule changes you can contact us and we will try to assist you.

This EA can only be refunded in the case that it is not profitable based on our vendor myfxbook and not because of problems that arose from its wrong or right use simply because you decided you do not want it anymore.

Our Prop Firm EA will be monitored on the myfxbook accounts to determine any issues that can arise from it and will be used as a reference to determine any faults in functioning of the EA.



My Ea Academy